About myself

I work as I travel, and I travel as I work!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I guess I’m a photographer, traveler, and food lover all in one. I’m a South African living in Spain for more than 25 years.

I’ve been a professional photographer for many years shooting mainly lifestyle and advertising.

Lately, my urge for more freedom and flexibility made me focus on Stock Photography. After a few years selling more than 450 000 stock photos I felt the need of sharing some ups and downs along the way with this blog. 

Most recently I dived into the world of 3D CG ( Computer-generated graphics ). 3D software comes in handy to create any scene that’s too difficult or impossible to shoot with my camera.

My most valuable travel partner happens to be my beautiful wife, Eva. We met on our European InterRail trip several years ago. 

We don’t have kids and we love traveling and exploring new sensations and cultures. 

It could be a single-day trip to a 3 week Adventure Holiday, as long as we hit the road we’re happy. 

Our “wanderlust” brings joy and excitement to every journey.

A personal lifestyle, photography, and travel blog.


Travel makes you revalue who you are. 

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